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DBZ World Tour - Good or Evil? You decide...
DBZ World Tour
Last Updated: 07/25/06

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DBZ World Tour Official Dice Roller
DBZ World Tour

Welcome to DBZ World Tour!

Offre l'adhesion et l'aide pour francophone aussi.

In this game you can sign up and take the role of any of your favorite DB, DBZ, or DBGT characters to help defend or destroy the world. If you would like to sign up all you have to do is e-mail us with the name of your selected character. It must be a character from the Dragon Ball/Z/GT series. All beginning characters will be level one and cannot be characters already under the influence of the fusion dance.

   Listen up everyone! The site is now open you may begin to develop your characters again! Have fun :)
   The new site is up! Go check it out!
   Due to some recent pickles related to the site, we are delaying the move again. So sorry. Also, I regret to say that we are rasing the price of Premium Memberships to Seven US Dollars.
   We are working on moving the site to a new domain. We should begin playing again as soon as everything is moved. We will post a link when everything is up. Can't Wait! :)
   The new site template has been completed! It may take a couple of days to move all of the main pages to this layout, and until then, we'd appreciate it if you waited tight. Thanks!
Update: The new menu is up,too. We know it looks the same, but it has a much better system on the inside.
   Just started the new, simple layout with the help of Launch. Hope you all like the result!
   I am looking forward to upgrading the site! We are looking at some new cosmetic changes that I hope everyone likes. Looking forward to playing with everyone again!
   Welcome to re-opened DBZ World Tour! We couldn't have done this withpout the help of our great member Launch. We'll be posting more soon, and some big stuff will be happening. Stay tuned!


DBZ World Tour Grand Re-opening!

Help Our Little DBZ World Grow

If anyone finds this game interesting and wants it to be a more exciting place, we would appreciate your help expanding our membership. Just tell all of your friends who would like this site about it and get them to join post-haste. With your help we'll have a thriving DBZ community in no time. Also, donations are accepted towards getting this site into a professional hosting. Any amount helps. Just e-mail us to ask how if you wish to donate.

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DBZ World Tour Sign Up

Good or Evil? You decide...

Good or Evil? You decide...

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